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“On Being A #BlackMommyActivist” –>My Stoop Story

October 30, 2015


My Stoop Story <–Click Here

“On Being a ‪#‎BlackMommyActivist‬” is HERE!!! Listen. Laugh. Enjoy. Share. Repeat. Over and Over Again.

“In the instance when I realized that I was pregnant, I decided that I was going to be a #BlackMommyActivist.” If I am going to have children, I am going to raise them as black warrior scholars. I had this idea of the perfect blend of the activism of Malcolm X and Assata Shakur blended with the wisdom of Dr. King and Mary McLeod Bethune. So when they were younger, we would have mock protest meetings in the basement and we would do Sit-In movements in the backyard.” –kww (10/17/2015)

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