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2014 Whitehead, Karsonya Wise. On how her life has evolved from being a undergraduate at Lincoln University to a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame to being a poet in WDC to being a television producer at MTV to being a documentary filmmaker with Metro TV to being an award winning school teacher in Baltimore to working on my Ph.D. at UMBC to being a professor at Loyola University Maryland to writing her book about Emilie Frances Davis (“Notes from a Colored Girl: The Civil War Pocket Diaries of Emilie Frances Davis,” USC Press 2014).

2012 Whitehead, Kaye Wise. On her new book, “Emilie Davis, Her Life, In Her Own Words,” (University of South Carolina Press, 2013)

2011    Whitehead, Kaye Wise. Historical consultant. Abraham Lincoln. Philadelphia: History Making Productions, Inc. Webisode: 7:03 min.

On Emilie Davis:

On Emilie Davis’ Journal:

On Frederick Douglass:

On Free Blacks in Philadelphia:

2003    Whitehead, Kaye Wise. Co-producer with Mark Daniels. George Washington Bridge: Crossing the Hudson. New York: Metro Channels, LLC. 47 min.

2001    Whitehead, Kaye Wise. Director, co-producer and writer with Annie Sundbeg. Twin
Towers, A History. New York:  Metro Channels, LLC.  48 min. 2002 New York
Emmy® Nomination

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