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#BlackLivesMatter: Sing Until the Whole World Hears…

July 30, 2015

150727121814-cecil-the-lion-2-medium-plus-169     I am just going to go out on a limb today and just say it (out loud): I cannot believe that in a society where black folks are being hunted down and killed every single day, folks are more compassionate and concerned and upset about the hunting, stalking, and killing of ‪#‎CeciltheLion. Do understand that I am not in support of what happened, I just cannot (for the life of me) join the public outrage alongside folks who will not cry, will not weep, and can not support or understand what is happening to black folks around this country. I feel like we are under siege and in the middle of a War that we did not start and we cannot win. So, since the world is focusing so much on Cecil, then I do have some questions/comments to add:

  1. What could Cecil have done to avoid being shot?

  2. Perhaps Cecil shouldn’t have looked so threatening and angry all of the time.

  3. Maybe if Cecil had cut his mane, he would not have looked so scary.

  4. Maybe if Cecil didn’t have a lifetime of violent behavior, he would still be alive.

  5. Where were Cecil’s parents? They should have known better.

  6. Maybe the Minnesota dentist was afraid for his life and flew all the way to Zimbabwe to take care of this threat.

  7. Maybe the dentist was just Standing His Ground and his behavior can be excused and understood.

  8. Perhaps the dentist thought he was grabbing his Taser and grabbed the rifle instead – mistakes do happen in the heat of the moment.

  9. Lions kill other lions all of the time and nobody has a problem with that.

  10. I stand with the dentist – and have started a Go Fund Me account for him.

  11. Maybe the arrows and the bullets gave him superhuman strength because Cecil kept coming after the dentist even after he was shot.

  12. Maybe if Cecil had a job, he would not have even been outside.

  13. Are we even sure that the dentist is responsible, maybe Cecil did this to himself?

  14. #‎CecilsLifeMatters ‪#‎TheDentistsLifeMatters ‪#‎AllAnimalLivesMatter –so stop making it all about one lion.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yep, so now you see what we deal with everyday in the fight to convince the world that ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter

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  1. August 2, 2015 3:26 pm

    Dr. Wise, ur spot on my sister…

  2. Kate Oxx permalink
    August 12, 2015 8:55 pm


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