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Clip from “The Twin Towers: A History” dir.: Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead

September 11, 2013

2003 New York-Emmy nominated documentary film

directed & co-produced by Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead

“The Twin Towers have attained mythic status in the 21st century. The effect of their destruction and the tragic loss of life is engraved on the American consciousness. 

Here is a fascinating history of the buildings that set the character of lower Manhattan and symbolized not only the power of New York City but American culture and financial dominance. The Twin Towers takes the viewer on an architectural journey that explores the design, construction and ultimate destruction of the 110-story buildings. Through interviews with architects, cultural historians, engineers and construction workers, a rich and absorbing story emerges. 

It was David and Nelson Rockefeller who initially envisioned the development of lower Manhattan as the center for international trade. There is a certain irony in that they thought global trade would promote world peace. Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki was chosen to design the World Trade Center, and despite some negative response toward the “spaghetti boxes,” most believed these two major buildings would usher in the 21st Century

The film describes the technical problems that were overcome, including the challenge to the ironworkers. It also recounts the daredevil stunts that the buildings attracted. Paul Goldberger, renowned architecture critic, and others contemplate the future of the site. 

 “The commentary is insightful and the images are often fascinating.” Library Journal 

“This insightful homage is a worthy addition to the burgeoning list of September 11 programs.” Booklist”

To purchase a copy of the documentary:

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